What’s your passion?

document living

Most people have several. I know I do. I have a passion for making memories, traveling, and protecting our planet and the creatures that inhabit it. I am lucky I get to combine my passions into my photography.

document living

We need to document the moments and emotions we don’t want to forget, whether you are an individual, a couple, family or small business owner. There is no better way to document living than through images. Capture moments from the biggest to smallest. The traditions. The joy, laughter and sometimes even tears.

Let me document your life.

document living

My other passion is conservation. I love to travel and being outdoors. I want future generations to enjoy the places and animals I am able to see and photograph. I might be a little bit of a hippie at heart. I try to reduce, reuse and recycle. I donate to save the animals. I try to inform you about places and endangered animals. I document living to help remember the world as it is now for future generations.

document living

I want to give back.

I have handpicked different charities to donate a percentage of your purchase. Currently, I am donating to WWF to help tigers through the end of August. And because tigers are my favorite animal, I am matching all donations! If this is successful, I will keep matching donations for every charity.

Let’s save the world together. 

Document Living.

J Volden Photography is a Phoenix, Arizona-based photographer with an incurable case of wanderlust. I am willing to travel for images. Anything 50 miles or more from 85353 will have a travel fee (fee depends on distance and type of travel needed). Contact me at jenna@jvoldenphotography.com for more information.