Why Photography?

I remember being fascinated by my parents Minolta SLR as a child. I can still recall pulling the mahogany camera bag out of their closet and trying to figure out what all the knobs and settings meant.

Years later I decided to take my high school’s photography class. I bought a Canon Rebel S and finally learned how all those knobs and settings worked.

I continued to learn in college and can still recall trying to spool the film in complete darkness. After I graduated, I started my human resource career and photography fell to the wayside. I used a canon point and shoot for awhile then my cell phones, my Canon rebel collected dust on the top shelf of a spare closet.

In 2013, I decided I wanted a creative outlet. Human resources just wasn’t giving me the chance to think outside the box. I happen to see my camera bag stashed away in that closet and though, why not.

I started out photographing my dogs.

I started out photographing my dogs.

Film and camera batteries were hard to find in 2013. Instead of spending time and money to find and purchase them I decided o upgrade to a Canon digital SLR. It felt like Christmas the day it arrived. I hadn’t been that excited in a long while.

Originally, I was just getting into photography for me. I was going to take pictures of our dogs and on vacations. I soon realized how much I loved and missed photography. I started to learn more about digital photography and digital processing. It was like a black hole, once I started I was sucked in.

I never thought my end goal would be to become a professional photographer and artist, but once I turned on the creativity I couldn’t stop. I love photography and travel. I love sharing my vision of the world with you.

As difficult as it is to change career paths and start your own business, I love it. I used to see myself climbing the corporate ladder but now can’t see myself doing anything other but sharing my joy of photography with you!

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Landscape lover and memory maker. Addicted to coffee, books, and running. Gluten free for life (celiac disease). Vodka connoisseur. Can often be found having dance parties to 90s music. Based in Phoenix, Arizona but always want to move to where I most recently visited.

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