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As the end of the year draws near so does the official launch of my business, J Volden Photography.

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I have been working towards opening a business for about two or three years but really busting my butt over the past six months or so. It’s hard to believe I am *almost* an official business owner. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I feel completely prepared and ready yet continue to worry that I have forgotten something big, something important.

I am afraid. Afraid of failing. Afraid of never selling a single piece of art. Afraid people won’t get or like my art. Afraid my point of view is too pedestrian, too boring, too generic. Afraid I will never be confident in my photography. Afraid of not moving forward, of not growing or learning.

But some days my confidence soars. I love photography. I love every photograph I have posted for sale. I am proud of what I have accomplished in such a short time. Proud that I am taking the risk. Proud that I have taught myself photography beyond the classes I took in high school and college. Confident that I will get better. Confident people will love me and my art.

It’s a rollercoaster for sure. One day I’m up, the next I’m down (or hour, minute, second lol). I’m not sure that success will bring confidence. I will always work to be better, to learn a new technique, to grow as an artist. I will always see the problems with my art.

I filed all the paperwork this week for my business license and sales tax license. There is no turning back now. I hope you will stick around for the grand opening and the rest of my journey. I hope it’s a long one.



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Jenna Volden studied photography in high school and college but ultimately ended up with a business degree. After spending 10-plus years in the rat race she returned to her first love, photography by starting her own photography company. She can be found either chasing sunsets around the globe or making women feel like rock stars in her home studio. She is currently based out of Phoenix, AZ.

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