Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

I have a themed tree… it is blue and silver. Always. As a child we had blue lights on our tree and when I found blue lights I had to have them. Then I started buying blue and silver ornaments. It reminds me of bright, snowy days of my childhood. My boyfriend likes to say my Christmas tree is a Chanukah tree because of the colors. I do have red and green decorations for the rest of the house, but I love my blue and silver tree… so it stays.

This year I finally upgraded my artificial Christmas tree. I used to have a Charlie Brown tree. It claimed it was six feet, but it was barely my height (5’6″). The branches were sparse. It was a very sad looking tree and did not fit all my ornaments. Then Target had all artificial trees 50% off and I bought a 7.5-foot tall tree. I had to use a step ladder to get the lights and star on the top. I love it!

Here are a few shots of some of my ornaments. I bought all of them at Target and Kohl’s over the last several years. Actually, I think most of my Christmas decorations have come from Target and Kohl’s. Both stores always seem to have a plethora of cute decorations and you can find great deals after Christmas.

Where do you shop for Christmas decorations? Or do you make your own? What does your Christmas tree look like? What is your favorite tradition during the holiday season? Let me know in the comments!

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