Goodbye 2015

As 2015 comes to a close I am reflecting back over everything that has happened and all that I have accomplished this year.

I have been working hard this year to open shop on January 1, 2016. I started a new website, which was a learning experience. I had to google to figure out how I broke it more than once.

Business 2015

I sorted through hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos in Lightroom to select the best ones for my collections. I finally edited my first Hawaii photos (which you can see here). I hope to finish the second Hawaii collection before the end of the year. I’ve got today and tomorrow. I might be cutting it close!

I traveled to Hawaii, Wisconsin, Las Vegas and New York in 2015. I have a few photos from each trip that will eventually be ready for you to buy. I love being able to show you my view of the world. It does take┬áme a while to edit. I love to play in lightroom and photoshop, though. I can’t imagine letting someone else edit my work. Editing is part of the creative process.

I wrote my business plan. I made a 2016 editorial calendar to help me blog regularly and keep my social media up to date. I have all my business documents ready to go. I have read about marketing and profit and other business books. I started a newsletter. I applied for my LLC and TPT this month. I am about to be a real, live business. I am as ready as I ever will be. I don’t know it all but feel good about where I am now.

I am ready to move into 2016. 2015 was pretty good for me, but I am ready to move to the next step in my business.

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How did 2015 treat you? What did you accomplish this past year?

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Jenna Volden studied photography in high school and college but ultimately ended up with a business degree. After spending 10-plus years in the rat race she returned to her first love, photography by starting her own photography company. She can be found either chasing sunsets around the globe or making women feel like rock stars in her home studio. She is currently based out of Phoenix, AZ.

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