Book Review: How to Sell Art

My business book for January was How to Sell Art by J. Jason Horejs.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. The book was 207 pages but an easy read. I read it in less than two weeks. I would recommend How to Sell Art to people who are interested in art sales or are trying to be an artist. A lot of the information is about selling in a gallery but could easily be applied elsewhere.

I have worked in sales in the past but mostly disposable retail, clothes and bath/body products. How to Sell Art was a good refresher and also provided insight into gallery sales, something I have not done. I also enjoyed the gallery aspect because some day I would like to show in or even own my own gallery.

I did jot down a few notes on a sticky note of things I would like to implement in my own business. I also marked a few pages with sticky flags. There was one┬ásection I didn’t agree with but it is sheerly a personal opinion on if you should negotiate on price. I think pricing is a very personal thing for an artist and they should not have to negotiate if it isn’t part of their business plan.

I think J. Jason Horejs presents his ideas in an organized manner. His writing is easy to read and explain ideas well. As I said, some of these ideas carry across all sales but he doesn’t talk down or over-simplify. My biggest complaint with the writing is his use of the pronoun she throughout. Horejs uses she a lot but at times switches to he or the client. I would have preferred more consistency.

Overall, I am glad I read this. It was a refresher in some areas, gave me a few ideas to use in my own business and gave me a look at the gallery side as well. I think any artist would benefit from How to Sell Art.

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