My First Camera

I bought my first SLR camera while in high school.

I had always loved my parents old Minolta and wanted a “real” camera of my own. I had a point and shoot camera but that was not enough for me. I also was set to take a photography class and wanted my own camera, not the school’s hand me downs. I may have always been a bit of a camera snob.

I remember looking at all the cameras and finally deciding on the Canon Rebel X because that is what I could afford on my babysitting salary. I loved my Canon. I used it for my high school class and my college class. I learned about shutter speeds, F-Stops and ISO on my Rebel.

My first Canon really pushed my love of photography and my love for Canon products.

Since that purchase, probably 20 years ago, I have always purchased Canon cameras. I have had several of the Canon Powershots and I always recommend Canon when someone asks me what they should get.

Sometime after college, I became busy with life. My Rebel went on a closet shelf and collected dust. I used my Powershot, or later, my cell phone. I moved to Arizona. The rebel moved with me but sat on a different closet shelf.

Then one day I was cleaning out the junk in my house. I came across my little Rebel and I suddenly had a longing to start photographing everything again. I started looking into using that rebel again. The film would be difficult but not impossible to get, maybe harder to process. I started to think about what else I would need… batteries. I remembered how the Rebel would eat batteries. I started hunting. Batteries could be obtained but would be super expensive.

Oh hey, there's really old film in here still.

Oh hey, there’s really old film in here still.

While looking for batteries, I started looking at digital SLRs. I ended up purchasing a Canon 60D because it made more sense money-wise. I also wasn’t planning to start a business. It was just to take better vacation photos. Isn’t it funny how life goes sometimes?

I still have my little Canon Rebel. I just can’t bear to get rid of it. I learned on that camera and it really helped cement my love of photography. I hope to eventually do a series with it and get back to film.

Do you have an item that has inspired you and you just can’t part with it? If so, what is it?

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