Photo of the Month: February 2016

February’s Photo of the month is mini-bundt cakes.

Who doesn’t love mini-bundt cakes? Well, aside from my small intestines. hah

I took this photo at my brother’s surprise 40th birthday party last February. It was held in a restaurant/brewery in the evening. At the time, I did not have a flash unit or any kind of off camera lighting and was at the mercy of the venue. I also didn’t bring a tripod (I can’t recall why). I know my limits and what my camera can’t do. I know what shutter speed I can hand hold at and the best ISO (“film speed”) setting for my camera.

I was using my brother’s party to practice event photography. I know I need to learn better lighting techniques if I want to do events. I also need to take “posed” portraits. I mostly did candid and overall shots. I think I did a decent job of capturing the overall event. I took photos of the decor, vendor and people. I always shy away from photographing people so this was a good chance to work on that.

I chose the photo of the month because it was a detail shot of one of the desserts served. I thought the bundtini cakes were a good choice for February and Valentine’s Day. You could win someone’s heart if you gifted them these delicious treats from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Don’t you just love that name?! (I can attest to the fact that these are delicious, even though I can no longer eat them).

surprise party (10 of 31)

Photo Details:

  • Date & Time: 2/28/2015 at 5:50 pm
  • Canon 60D
  • Aperture: 1.8
  • Shutter Speed: 1/50
  • ISO: 800
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Edited in Lightroom

I love that you can see the details in the cream cheese frosting. I love the bokeh (creamy background). My least favorite part is probably the light reflecting off the silver cardboard. I also wish the cake stand was nicer; the crookedness is driving me nuts! LOL

What is your favorite birthday treat?

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