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Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day was yesterday.

And although I do not celebrate the holiday I wanted to share my love. I have loved art as far back as I can remember. As a kid I loved school but art class always held a special spot in my heart. I took classes throughout high school and college. I visit museums when I travel.

I am always amazed by other’s creations. How did they come up with that idea? Where and when are they most creative? What was their inspiration? I can’t always answer these questions for myself. Sometimes ideas just hit you. I think or feel I am most creative while I am running or in the shower (which makes it hard sometimes to remember my ideas). My inspiration varies but many times it is a sunrise/sunset. My dogs. My boyfriend. Other artists. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

I love learning about artists and art history. I collect coffee table books on my favorite artists. I love discovering new artists or new to me artists. I have a fondness for impressionist and surrealist painters, especially Edgar Degas and Salvador Dali. One of my fondest memories from high shool was traveling to Chicago to see a Degas exhibit. I was in heaven.

I look up to Ansel Adams. I would love to travel to all of the national parks and capture their unique landscapes. I would even like to do a black and white series, as kind of a tribute to Adams. He is the reason I wanted to be a landscape photographer. There is so much beauty in the world and I would love to capture it all.

Another bucket list item would be to visit more museums. I have been to the Walker and Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, Phoenix Art Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I also went to a few art museums while in Spain. I need to start a list of museums to visit… this one looks a little sad.

If you ever find yourself in Minneapolis I would suggest checking out the sculpture garden at Walker Art Institute. It is one of my favorite places to wander through and enjoy beautiful, inspiring sculptures.

What museum would you recommend I add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

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Jenna Volden studied photography in high school and college but ultimately ended up with a business degree. After spending 10-plus years in the rat race she returned to her first love, photography by starting her own photography company. She can be found either chasing sunsets around the globe or making women feel like rock stars in her home studio. She is currently based out of Phoenix, AZ.

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