Father’s Day

Father’s Day will be here soon.

Ever since I can remember I have been a daddy’s girl. Although I’d like to think I don’t fit the stereotype of being a spoiled brat. I just like to think that my dad and I have a pretty tight bond. I have always been able to go to him with my problems and still do when I need to talk through a problem. He is a very smart man and I can trust him to always know what to do.

fathers day

This is one of my favorite family photos. It’s a polaroid! The hair! The socks! I’m dying!

Both of my parents encouraged school and reading but I vividly remember my dad and I reading Nancy Drew books together. I could always get away with the “just one more chapter” routine. He also helped me with my math, accounting, and finance homework, even when I was getting my master’s degree. If I got stuck I knew I could count on him.

Growing up my dad and I shared a love of classic American muscle cars and sports. We went to car shows together and I always loved all the different cars he had over the years. We watched sports together. He took me to see my favorite NBA team, once in Phoenix and once in Minneapolis. I also helped him with home projects around the house. I remember helping him build decks and hang drywall.

father's day

One of my dad’s cars

I also helped him with home projects around the house. I remember helping him build decks and hang drywall. When I moved away, he would always help me if I had to do some home project but would always say, “I don’t have to worry about my handy child”. He knows I am so much more capable than my brother.

My dad treated my brother and I like equals. He allowed me to be who I was. He didn’t think that since I was a girl I should wear dresses and sit on the sidelines. He encouraged me to play sports. He encouraged me to dance. He encouraged me to be me.

father's day

My dad and one of our dogs.

I can’t explain it but there is just a special bond between me and my dad. No one could ever measure up to him and no one could ever replace him. He is my dad and my best friend. This Father’s day I will be away from my dad but I will make sure to call him. I also have to hunt for a Father’s day card that I haven’t already given him. I am pretty sure I have given him all the funny ones already and I am not one for sappy cards.

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