Oahu has a lot to offer.

Oahu was our first stop on our very first trip to Hawaii. Although it is my least favorite of the Hawaiian islands I definitely think it is worth visiting. If I were to go again I would stay on the north shore over Waikiki. I felt Waikiki was just a little too crowded. Although, I would recommend Duke’s for dinner and mai tais.


Waikiki beach

The top two places I would recommend as “can’t miss” on Oahu would be the Polynesian Cultural Center and Pearl Harbor. The Polynesian Cultural Center is an amazing experience. We were there most of the day. It started with a water parade with boats for each Polynesian culture. After the parade we went and saw additional cultural demonstrations and ended the day with a luau.

Plan to spend your entire day at Pearl Harbor. There is much to see and learn there. There are displays plus the USS Arizona, USS Blowfin, USS Missouri, and the Pacific Aviation Museum. We did it all. If you can, get on the first ferry to the USS Arizona. At dawn, everything is still calm and peaceful.


Pearl Harbor

I will probably go back to Oahu at some point. We didn’t see everything, of course, and I want to do the unofficial Lost tour. We were nearby and saw the beach where the plane crashed. Yes, I am a Lost geek.

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