Small Business Documentary Sessions

Why does my small business need a documentary session?

“I’ve got product photos on my website, what more do I need?”

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Does this sound like you or someone you know with a small business? Most businesses think they only need product photos, or maybe a photo of the outside of their business. But I’m here to tell you different. Hear me out and then let me know your thoughts!

Photography can be a great way to connect with your current or future customers. You can show them not only your product but you and what you do. Documentary images can document a typical day for you and show your customers exactly what you do for them.

You can show your love for your work. And your customers.

small businessI truly believe professional photographs are a must for your website and storefront or office. Customers do make judgments on how we present ourselves, whether we like it or not. Why not put your best foot forward? I may not be the photographer for you but I do encourage you to find a professional to do your product photos, headshots, and any other images you may need or want.

Photography can help get your message out. They can show your customer what you and your business is all about. What do you want your customers to know? Do you love what you do? Are you passionate about your business, your customers, and your products? Why not have someone capture all those passions?

And show your beautiful face!

Your customers want to see you! They want to know who you are and feel like they know you. Make a real connection.

So, what do you think? Do you need a paparazzi to follow you around work one day and capture all that you do? To show your passion. To show your happy customers? If so, contact me and we can discuss your needs!

Tell me in the comments below why you think a small business should have professional images?

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