But why do I need a documentary portrait session?

Life changes constantly.

You may not notice the little nuances on a daily basis but they are there. Tomorrow something will be different from today and yesterday. You, your significant other, your kids will never be the same as you are at this moment. Every week, every month, and every year we go through changes. Some changes are big, some are barely noticeable. But they’re there. And when they’re gone… how will you remember or look back on them?

And you should have memories of those moments.

documentaryWhether you capture them with your phone or have someone come in to document you, you should have physical reminders of these times. Of the changes, the transitions. The raw emotions of daily life. Having a physical item to look back on or share with friends and family is priceless. Do you remember pulling your parent’s photo albums down and asking about each and every picture? Or giggling over your high school fashion choices with friends over a glass of wine? Think about those memories. How did you feel as a kid? How do you feel now when you look back at your childhood photos?

You probably feel a whole range of emotions. Happiness. Nostalgia. Maybe a little sadness. Maybe a few cringes over your hairstyle or makeup.

Changes and transitions are inevitable. Think of the changes you’ve had in just the first four months of the year. Think of how your life will, or has, been impacted. Do you want to remember how you are now? Or maybe you will want to document the after. There are so many different reasons to have a documentary photo session because of change.

Bought a new house? How about a session in your old place as a last hurrah? Or in your new place, especially if it is your first home.

Engagements. Babies. Back to school. Empty Nest.

Those are just a few off the top of my head! What about traditions? Do you chop your own Christmas tree every year? Movie or game nights? Summer bbq? Birthday parties? Fall hikes? There are so many opportunitiesĀ to capture those moments and traditions.

Documentary photo sessions are meant to record your life. Messy, raw, real life. It is the opposite of the posed, matchy, let’s go sit in this random park photography. There’s nothing wrong with posed sessions at a park; I prefer lifestyle and showing you in a special moment.

What are some family moments or traditions you would love to have photos of and proudly display in your home? What are some of your favorite photos to look back on? Comment below!

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