Get in photos, mom!

May 14th is the day we set aside to honor mom.

We like to give them at least one day off during the year from all they do for us. We make them breakfast, sometimes in bed. We give them gifts, make dinner. We might even gather with extended family to thank all the moms.

Often times moms aren’t in the family photos because they are the ones behind the camera. They want to capture all the moments but might have other reasons for not getting in front of the camera.

Mom should be in the photos, even those of everyday moments.

Children will want those memories when mom is no longer with them. They want to see mom and how happy she was to be spending those little moments with her kids. I encourage all women to get in front of the camera. Don’t wait to lose weight or get your grays covered. Your kids love you as is. They won’t see your belly or messy hair. They won’t care if you are wearing jeans or sweats. They don’t want you to look perfect; they want you to look like you. They will look back at those photos and see your love. Your kindness. You.

Document life.

The days, months, and years will fly by. Don’t look back and regret not being in those everyday moments. Do you want your only family photos to be the posed in a park, wearing matching outfits or do you want images of reading bedtime stories, playing catch, or chasing the kids and dog around the yard? The little things will start to blend together as time goes on and our memories fade. Create a record of those moments.

This Mother’s Day I challenge you to get in front of the camera and stay there! Be part of your family fun and photos all year round. Start capturing a lifetime of moments.

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