Water Conservation


We use it every day, usually taking for granted how easily we can access fresh, clean water. For most reading this, we just turn the tap and have hot or cold at our disposal. But for how long?

Water covers around 71 percent of the earth, with about 96.5 percent being in the oceans. Oceans we have garbage islands and micro plastic in. Each year approximately eight million tons of plastic enter the oceans. Not to mention the effect of climate change on the water level. Melting land ice has caused sea levels to rise 8-9″ since 1900. Coral is being bleached and dying. Animals are extinct or endangered.

waterFresh, clean, water is something I care deeply about. I grew up on a river. For a time you weren’t supposed to go in. You had to limit how much fish you ate from it because of the high mercury in them. It’s gotten marginally better but it’s still polluted. You still wouldn’t catch me swimming in it. I’ll go out on a boat, but I won’t get in it. Which is sad. We should be able to swim in rivers, oceans and other bodies of water without fear of pollution.

Someday, I want to live on/near the ocean. To wake up and see the beautiful, clear blue waters of Hawaii. I fear by the time I can retire there won’t be much crystal clear blue water. I go to the ocean to feel relaxed, peaceful, and content. I know many others do as well. We need to start protecting such a valuable resource and save it for those in the future to find contentment or adventure.

We need to make sure our natural resources, like water, are here for generations to come.

Water plays an important part of all life, not just humans.

What can you do to help? Reduce your usage, take shorter showers. Use alternate sources of energy. Buy hybrid or electric vehicles. Limit or combine your trips/errands. Use public transportation. Water your lawns in the early morning or late evenings. Plant native plants. Volunteer to clean up your neighborhood, parks, rivers etc. The list goes on!

I was inspired to write about water conservation when reading the April 2017 National Geographic. There were several great articles regarding water and climate change.

Other resources to read more about the topics mentioned:

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