Dad and the importance of printing

What does dad mean to you?

To me, he is someone who is always there to advise and help. He was the one that remained calm while a 15 1/2-year-old me was driving for the first time. Dad is the one that patiently explained algebra. He helped raise a strong, independent daughter who never felt less than because she was a girl.

I have so many memories of my dad. I wrote about many of them in last year’s Father’s Day post.

dadWhat memories do you have of you and your dad?

Do you have photos of these moments? Reading through my post from last year, I wish I had photos of some of those moments, like reading Nancy Drew at bedtime. Will I remember those little moments when I’m 64?

Dad is probably in more photos than mom (because we all know moms take most of the photos). Or are most of your photos just the kids? Do you have photos of dad grilling? Or dad working on the car. Maybe he was a reader and you have photos of him buried in a book. Playing or watching sports. Hanging at the park with the kids. Splashing in the pool. Whatever it is your dad loves to do, capture it in an image before it’s too late.

Last summer I lost one of my grandpas. I didn’t get to say goodbye but was able to make it home for the funeral. It gave me comfort to look at photos and relive his life. Maybe I am a sucker, but I love looking at old photos, the older the better. My grandpa C was so handsome in his military uniform. His wife, my grandma whom I never got to meet, was so pretty and I loved seeing their photos. (And my mom as a kid).

It was sad yet fun to go through all the photos. To actually hold a print in my hand and try to figure out who is in it, or what the writing on the back says. To live my Grandpa C’s life through photos.

Can you live your life through prints?

Memories fade, people pass. When the time comes, will your photos tell the story of your life? Will someone have to go through your hard drive or do you have prints of all the precious moments with dad?

This Father’s Day I challenge you to print all those photos of your dad.

What is your favorite memory of your father? Let me know in the comments.

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