Why buy and collect art?

What is a collector?

Does a collector need to consider themselves an art supporter or be in it just for the possible investment? Or is it simpler than that? Is it just a person who buys art?

collectorI truly believe a collector can be anyone who loves and buys art. It doesn’t have to be expensive art, just whatever you love.

Look around, are you surrounded by blank walls, even worse… blank white walls? Do you feel your home could be homier? Your office a little less sterile? Maybe you rent and can’t paint the walls but want to bring in a little color to your space. These are all reasons to buy art. You can make your home or office feel homier, bring some color into your space, and add a bit of character.

Art brings joy.

It makes you happy and helps to enrich your life. It inspires you. Art is engaging. Your friends and family will love to see your new pieces and talk about them. Children will be curious and ask about your art.

Collecting is a fun process itself. You take the time to research what type of pieces you like. Do you like paintings? Photography? Do you want one large piece over the couch or make a gallery wall? Once you have an idea what you like you get to start searching. You can buy from places like Target or Kohls or you can seek out local artists at galleries, online or art fairs.

Seeking out local artists can help build a relationship for future purchases. Plus you are supporting the local economy. Also, staying away from Target and Kohls type of art gives your art more of a handmade feel. It’s not mass-produced, shiny, and owned by everyone. You get something unique and filled with character.

Art can reflect your personality, beliefs, and hopes. You get to choose pieces that allow you to express yourself. Creating your own gallery or mini museum can be a great way to spend your time.

Collecting a very personal decision.

Interested in starting your collection? Why not start with photography? Be sure to check out my galleries.

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