Thanksgiving Documentary Sessions

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.

Have you ever thought to document your Thanksgiving holiday? You make your list, check it twice, before heading out to the store. Documenting your trip to the store could include a detail shot of your list, close-ups of a favorite food, and a shot of a full grocery bag. Wider shots would be you walking into the store, checking for just the right yams from the produce section, and comparing packages of stuffing.

ThanksgivingMaybe shopping isn’t your thing but you bake pies and/or cookies ahead of time so you aren’t burdened on the big day. A photo could capture all your not-so-secret ingredients, don’t worry… I wouldn’t want to give away your secrets! Maybe you use a recipe card passed down for generations or the beat up measuring cups your mom used. Measuring, mixing, and assembling would all provide amazing detail and wide shots. And of course, we can’t forget the final product! Images of food that you will make you hungry every time you look back at them.

Not a baker? Do you, or maybe your kids, like arts and crafts. Detail shots could include all the necessary supplies, those little messes that always happen, and the final project. Wider shots can show the overall scene and how much fun everyone is having. And no one says you need to have kids to do crafts. You can invite a few friends over for food, drinks, and crafts. There are so many options for photos when good friends get together. Here are a few ideas to get your crafting juices flowing.

Lastly, do you have any Black Friday traditions, besides fighting the crowds at the mall? Maybe you start decorating for Christmas. Maybe you go for a nature hike. Maybe you stay home, pop popcorn, and watch cheesy┬áholiday movies. No? That’s just me? Whatever you do, it would more than likely make a great documentary session.

Start thinking now about your Thanksgiving holiday and how you can document the days leading up to or the day after with a session. You should have gorgeous images to remember your holidays by. Also, stay tuned because when we are closer to Thanksgiving I will let you know how to document the day of yourself!

Are you thinking about your fall session yet?

I’m holding three mini session spots (up to two hours) during the fall months (September to November). Contact me at to start planning and reserve your spot!

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