Summer Time Fun

Summer is the time for fun.

When you think summer, you think long days and cool nights. Drinks by the pool. S’mores around the firepit. Friends and family linger a little longer. Children want to stay up past their bedtime. Everything moves a little slower. Everyone relaxes a little more. Instead of baking cookies, you grill hamburgers on the grill.

summerSummer is the perfect time to document living.

Vacations, or even stay-cations, are perfect opportunities to capture the fun! Want a free guide on how to get all those moments while on vacation? Sign up for the J Volden Photography Newsletter on the right-hand side to receive the How to tell your travel story guide. It’s full of tips on taking better photos and getting all the photos while on vacation.

Make a summer fun bucket list of activities and photo opportunities and try to cross them all off by the end of August. A few ideas to get you started: start a water balloon fight (just be sure to set some rules to keep your camera/phone dry!), sidewalk chalk time, a trip to the zoo, and the kids at a summer fest/parade. There are so many things to capture… this is just to get your juices flowing. What would you add to a summer bucket list? Tell me in the comments!

Of course, if you don’t want to take the photos you can always hire a photographer. Imagine having a beautiful album of your adventure, an heirloom you can pass down. Or getting a pool party image on canvas for the living room. Document living sessions are perfect for summer. You choose an activity or work with me to find the perfect thing to do during your session, I take the images, make them look gorgeous and then you find the products that are perfect for your home (or office). Interested? Email me at for more information or check out the Document Living section of the website.

What is on your summer bucket list? Tell me below!

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