Back to School

Back to school time is almost here!

back to schoolAre you and your munchkins ready for the summer to come to an end? I would guess you are but the kids just aren’t as excited. Unless they were like me, I loved school and a new year. I loved the idea of new school supplies, cracking open a fresh notebook, and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. It also meant I got new clothes and shoes. And who doesn’t like the chance to pick out new clothes when someone else is paying? 

One memory I will always have is back to school shopping with my grandma. Every year she would have each of the grandkids spend the night (on different nights) and take us shopping the next day. It was nothing fancy or extravagant but it was different and it was just me. My brother wasn’t there. My cousins weren’t there, just me. It felt special. 

I don’t have ay photos from these sleepovers and back to school shopping sprees. 

Do you have photos of shopping with your kids? School supplies or new clothes? Probably not. It’s not something we think of as a special occasion but it is. Because your child will never be this age again. Every year will present a different back to school experience. These little moments should be captured! These are the times you will want to remember.

How about the first day of school? Do you take a photo when they head out the door? I strongly think you should, every year, even when they are 17 and want nothing to do with you. Why? Because you can look back over the years and see how they have changed and grown. And despite what they tell you now, they will appreciate these photos years from now. They will have something to look back on and laugh about. They can show their kids, “You think you have it bad, see what I wore when I was your age?”. 

Why not have a back to school session?

Let me follow you around Target while you and your child pick out the coolest pens and the prettiest notebooks. Detail shots of your child’s school supply list, their hand grabbing a ruler, and their shoes on the tile floor next to the cart. Pull back shots of them concentrating on which eraser is the best one, riding in the cart, and leading you to the prized trapper keeper (do they still make those? Am I dating myself here?). 

Or what about all the clothes and shoes? I can chase your kid around Kohls. The excitement of finding the perfect shirt or trying on the newest it shoes because a detail shot of them tying their shoes is needed. A few images of them modeling different, outrageous looks because we know we all try on something absolutely ridiculous when shopping. Maybe a photo of an older sibling pointing out what’s cool and what to avoid when going to class. We all know older siblings know the deal. 

Interested in a back to school session? Contact me today at!

Comment below with your back to school memories. 

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