Friendship Day

Friendship Day is August 6th.

Friends are a valuable asset and we all have those friends who are always there for us. This day is not really a thing in the USA but I really think we need to make it something. So grab your BFF and go do what you love to do together! Not sure what to do? Here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing. 

My BFF is Heather, and if you’ve poked around my page a bit you have seen her. She is the owner of Desert Belle Arabians, who I have featured on the blog and on my page! We met over hockey (Go Coyotes) and found out we have much more in common. We always have a good time when we are together and I would trust her with my first born child if I had one. 

I am incredibly proud of Heather and all that she does. She is a beautiful soul and I think everyone needs a Heather in their life.

You and your BFF deserve to have a Document Living session! Capture what you do as friends and get keep sakes for both of you to have forever. Photography and moments aren’t just for family. Friends should have a session. Maybe you have a Saturday morning coffee date. Or a Thursday night wine and whine sesh. Why not have those moments “on film”, so to speak, and have something tangible from those precious friends time?

Who is your BFF and why? Tell me in the comments!

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