World Elephant Day

Elephant: a symbol of wisdom and strength.

elephantAugust 12th is World Elephant Day. Their numbers are dropping and are in danger of becoming extinct. 

The biggest threat is poachers, after their tusks, meat, and other body parts. Habitat loss and humans are the other largest dangers to elephants. 

They are amazing creatures. They mourn the loss of loved ones, much like humans. Elephants love to communicate through touch. They love to swim, using their trunk as a snorkel. Females are pregnant for 22 months. Can you even imagine?!? Babies are born blind. 

Can you imagine a world without these beautiful creatures? Your grandchildren and great grandchildren should have the joy of seeing elephants still roaming the earth. If we don’t stop the poachers, this just might be the case. 

How can you help? Don’t buy anything ivory. Tell others to never buy ivory. Donate. Join the herd.

If you are in Arizona, you can attend the event at the Reid Park Zoo (where I took the elephant photos in this post – Learn more about them here).

Nature’s great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing. John Donne


Can we just be better and stop killing off animals? 

How will you help save the elephants?

Interested in giving back? Head over to my shop, make a purchase, and I will donate a percent to a conservation charity. You get a piece of art and a chance to help save the world. 

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