37 things

This week marks another ring on my tree of life. Today I hit 37, a little closer to 40 yet most days I don’t feel like a grown up. In my 37 years I’ve gained some knowledge and want to share it with you. And to be totally truthful? Some of these things I don’t always do. But I’m working to be better. And to help me branch out I plan to do little videos to talk about each item in a little more detail. Be sure you are following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss out!

  1. Always be yourself.
  2. Music is good for the soul.
  3. Dance, even when there’s no music.
  4. Do what you love, even if the pay isn’t that great. 
  5. Travel.
  6. Forgive.
  7. Always have a BFF.
  8. Have a pet. Bonus points for a dog.
  9. A clean house feels great but isn’t always necessary.
  10. Read for fun.
  11. Organization and order have their place.
  12. But spontaneity is a good every now and then too.
  13. Eat the dessert.
  14. Working out is good for your mental health.
  15. Find the workout you love and do it consistently.
  16. Spend less time online.
  17. Listen to your heart, head and gut.
  18. Life is about the moments, not the things.
  19. Downsize when your stuff starts taking over your home.
  20. Drink water. Seriously.
  21. Love.
  22. Laugh as much as possible.
  23. Try to ignore those voices in your head.
  24. Find others you have things in common with.
  25. Wear what you want, not what’s “in” or for your “type”.
  26. Build your family.
  27. Color outside the lines.
  28. Spend time outdoors.
  29. Do art, be creative.
  30. Write. Journal. Blog.
  31. Try something new.
  32. Try something that scares you.
  33. Sometimes… just go for it.
  34. Eat fresh fruits and veggies.
  35. Take photos of things and people you love.
  36. Make memories, no matter how small.
  37. Go to concerts, plays, shows, museums whatever you love.
37 things

Birthday drink!

I am terrified of videos and hate my voice so I am going to go outside of my comfort zone and make these little videos. They will debut sometime in September, as soon as I get a few recorded and decide the best way to distribute them. I am open to thoughts and suggestions. I don’t think I will do Facebook Live or another live platform.

What would your number one piece of wisdom you’ve gained over the years be?

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