Beauty of the everyday

Or my life is boring, why do I need a documentary session?

documentary sessionYou probably think your life is fairly boring. We all do. You are thinking, we do the same thing week after week. We get the kids ready, and they head off to school while we head to work. Then we spend the evening making dinner before the bedtime rituals begin. Why would I want to document that?!? I live it every day. 

And you do.

But you know what? Every day is just a little bit different. You, your kids and your pets get a bit older each day. You don’t really notice it from day to day but what about month to month? The changes are there, albeit subtle, we are changing every day. You probably don’t want to think about think about this part but… eventually, the kids move on. Pets leave us and maybe new ones fill the void. How will you remember Mr. Fluffy? Or the cat you nicknamed Satan? The day will come, and you will wish you had photos of all those boring moments.

Why not capture those little moments now?

documentary sessionYour son and the dog explore the yard every weekend. You think I don’t need a photo of that. I can look out the patio door and watch them at any time. Until your son is too old for that and would rather spend his time in his room, with the door shut. 

Maybe you and your kids spend each summer at the pool. All day long. Every single summer. Until you don’t. Those summers will soon be a distant memory. Your kids will get jobs. They will want to hang out with their friends. Get those summer pool images now, before it’s too late. 

You may think these everyday moments aren’t worth remembering. They aren’t worth getting on film (or digital). But they are. These are the moments you, your spouse, your kids, and other family members will want to look back on. And laugh over the moments, the clothes, the hair. Do you remember looking at your parent’s photo albums as a kid? Those weren’t all special moments and yet they meant way more than the wedding album. Why? Because it’s your parents, as they were. Not dressed up for the camera. Not posing. Living life.

documentary sessionThese are the moments you’ll want to share at your kid’s graduation. Or wedding.

The moments to remember are the small ones. Not the, here we are at a park and wearing matching shirts moments. No one is going to remember that or even why you did it. But they will remember those late summer nights in the yard with the dog. They will remember taking over the train park with their best friend. They want to remember feeding the ducks and the Paw Patrol birthday you planned and executed. They want to look back at the time pop-pop took them to the pool.

These are the moments you need to document. These are the moments that matter. 

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