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Landscape photographyWhy do I do landscape photography?

I don’t think many people who meet me in everyday situations would necessarily go, “Oh yah, Jenna, she is totally the outdoorsy type!” I am kind of a book nerd and love my creature comforts but I’ve always been drawn to nature. I love to get outside, even if it’s just a 30 minute run through my neighborhood. Especially if I can go around sunrise or sunset. There is nothing like looking at the beauty around you and resetting your mind. 

I love hiking and camping but never seem to do either of those thibgs because… life. But when I travel I do nake an effort to explore new places and hike around beaches, volcanoes or just city streets. As long as I’m traveling and spending time outside I’m happy. 

I started taking landscape and cityscapes as a way for me to remember a trip and to remind me there is more to find out there. I never planned to make a business out of photography. I picked up photography again to have a creative outlet from my desk job, which is so strict and rigid and aboutnas far from creative as can be. I missed creating art and I missed taking photos. 

But once I started, I knew I had found my calling. 

As my art started to evolve, I knew I had more to offer than just something that looked pretty. I wanted my art to mean something and be able to usw my talents and passion for good. I knew I neeed to do something to benefit others.

Landscape photography My Give Back program was born. 

I haave always claimed to be a little.bit of a hippy even though I don’t look like one. I firmly believe in reduce, reuse, and recycle. I have always wanted to save the planet and all the animals. Now I feel as if my art means a bit more. Every landscape purchase, big or small, has a percentage donated to a good cause. And I research my causes to make sure that 90-95% goes to to the cause and not admin fees and CEO salaries. 

I hope to eventually do more conservation projects involving photography, research and writing. Three of my favorite things! I’ve started small and have a few blogs written about conservation or endangered species. But I want to do bigger, more thought out projects. 

My purpose has been shaped into creating landscape photography to preserve the world how it is now for future generations. I feel that I need to give back to the planet for giving me the gift of photography and profiting from my passion. 

I am inspired by photographers like Ansel Admas amd Paul Nicklen who use their gift to bring awareness to the masses. And magazines like National Geographic and Arizona Highways that can push the messages of photographers, researchers and writers.

I don’t do this becaise it’s fun (although it is). I do it because I am compelled to. Conservation and nature are in my blood and it’s the least I can do after all nature has done for me.

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