Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite time of year!

halloweenIt is the one time of year you get to be anyone (or thing) you want. You can get creative when putting together your costume. Look around your home, I bet you have everything you need to put together a costume. It may not be fancy or a “real” character but it’s fun and creative.

In this photo, I put together all but one of those costumes out of items I already had. I bought just a few accessories to complete the look. 

Top left: Gangster, Fi (from Burn Notice – you can’t really tell from this photo but I had a fake detonator), pirate, and another Gangster.

Bottom: Daphne from Scooby Doo and the one costume I actually bought. I loved it but I paid a lot of money and only wore it once! (A lot of money for a college student LOL). 

I won’t be dressing up this year but I will be watching Hocus Pocus. It’s my favorite Halloween movie and I only watch it in October! What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Halloween would be a great time for a documentary session!

Getting ready and heading out to a party or trick or treat event would provide some great images. Trick or treat at the mall or church could provide a great backdrop for photos of your little ones collecting candy.  Picture having a photo book from this day you or your kids could flip through to remember Halloween. Or pulling it out to show the new boyfriend or girlfriend your child will bring home in 10-15 years. Who doesn’t love seeing their date as a 3-year-old lion?

It’s time to start documenting your life and your children. You will want those memories later for yourself, to pass on to your kids, and for blackmail. I mean for the high school yearbook or wedding announcement. 

What is your favorite Halloween costume? 

Are you interested in a session? Be sure to check out my calendar and request a session


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Jenna Volden studied photography in high school and college but ultimately ended up with a business degree. After spending 10-plus years in the rat race she returned to her first love, photography by starting her own photography company. She can be found either chasing sunsets around the globe or making women feel like rock stars in her home studio. She is currently based out of Phoenix, AZ.

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