Six Tips to Hang Wall Art

hang wall artHanging wall art can be frustrating.

You end up putting too many holes in the wall and when it’s all done you step back and…. CROOKED. Ugh. It’s frustrating but there are tons of resources and tips floating around. 

The Basics

-The center of your ar should be 60 inches off the ground, the average line of sight for people.
-If you are hanging it above furniture, be sure to leave 6-8″ between the top of the furniture and the bottom of your art.
-If you are hanging multiple pieces, leave 1-2″ between them.

The Arrangement

-Lay everything out on the floor. Move pieces around until you see something you like.
-Cut paper the size of your art and place where you think you want to hang it. Step back, analyze, and rearrange as necessary. This is especially helpful if you want to arrange a gallery wall with multiple pieces. 

The Hanging

-Use painting tape to help determine where to make your holes. On the back of your art, place a piece of tape that covers both brackets.Mark the bracket locations. Remove the tape and place it on the wall where you want to hang your art. Find your marks and make an indentation. Carefully peel back one side, find your indentation and place your nail or screw there. Repeat on the other side.  
A level can be used on the painter tape and once you’ve hung your art to ensure everything is straight!

For more tips and fun ideas check out West Elm’s video!

Looking to for some art for your walls?

J Volden Photography sells prints, matted prints, canvases and metal prints which would make a great addition to your art collection! Prints and matted prints would look great in the frame of your choice (J Volden Photography does not sell frames at this time). Canvas and metal prints come ready to hang! A canvas will come with sawtooth hanging hardware while the metal print has a float mount. 

What is your best tip to hang wall art?

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