Tips to Capture Your Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving photosDo you bring out a camera to take Thanksgiving photos of everyone together, or everyone but you because someone needs to take the photo?

This year, how about you document turkey day?

Start thinking about the Thanksgiving photos you want to get or assign someone to get. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Setting the table
  • The table all set
  • Food, prep, and finished product
  • Watching the big game
  • Kids playing
  • Dad, or whoever has the honor, carving the turkey
  • Saying grace
  • Kids (or the men) napping
  • A pet curled near the fireplace (or under the table)
  • Traditions you have
  • A special dish your great grandma always made
  • Spills, the tears, and laughter
  • Family playing a game
  • Ask your family what they want to remember!

You want to think about telling a story.

What is the overall story you want to show? What are the details? Who are the characters? Be sure to “zoom in” and get detail shots. Go wide for an overall shot. Get close to each dish and take a photo then make sure you get the entire table setting (hopefully, before everyone digs in!). 

Have a tripod? Set it up and be in some shots! Use a timer to get everyone in at least one image. No tripod? Get creative! Use books or other objects to set your camera on. No camera? Use a mug to hold your phone. Practice before the big day to make sure your set up works. 

Make sure to have a lot of natural light, open blinds and turn on lights. Avoid using the little on-camera flash. Your photos will be better. If you use your phone, edit your photos in Snapseed (or other phone app but I highly recommend Snapseed). 

PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! Make a fun book and order copies for family members. It would make a nice Christmas gift for grandma and grandpa. 

Bonus: Stage some fun photos! Have dad use a chainsaw to carve the turkey. Is uncle Bill napping? Put some fun props on him, like maybe aunt Jill’s glasses?

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Tell me: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

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