Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are a big part of this month.

November is the start of the holiday season, which continues into January. No matter what holidays you celebrate, your family is sure to have some kind of traditions. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, there is a lot to celebrate and reflect on.

In our house, we celebrate Christmas. We would usually start decorating after Thanksgiving. We would make the same cookies every year. My mom would bake, my dad would frost and I would be my ever artistic self and decorate. I was very precise in my sprinkle placement. 

traditionsGrowing up, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s on Christmas Eve for the first round. I would get impatient waiting for my cousins to show up because I could see the little things sticking out of the stockings and the presents piled high under the tree. Once they arrived we were allowed to look through the stockings but we had to have dinner before we could attack the presents. Ham and prime rib were on the menu. 

Once dinner was over, we would go crowd in the living room. We would open gifts one at a time from youngest to oldest. The best part was watching the front door landing fill up with gift wrap. When we were little we could fill the landing and start up the stairs. We may have also played in the wrapping paper.

The next morning we had our small family of four celebration. After, the other side of the family would gather for lunch and exchange gifts. We often would head back to grandma and grandpas for dinner. As things do, this has changed as our family grew and moved away.

I will always remember those holiday traditions because it was a large part of who I am. I don’t bake the same cookies every year. Instead, I find a new dessert recipe to try out (usually something with peppermint because who doesn’t love peppermint?!?). I no longer live near my parents and grandparents. We now go out for Mexican on Christmas Eve (the other half’s holiday tradition). Afterwards, we watch a Christmas movie (usually Christmas Vacation) and make hot chocolate with peppermint vodka. We don’t do much Christmas morning but the rest of the day is packed. We go to my brother’s house early in the day and his family in the afternoon. 

Tell me… What are your holiday traditions? Favorite? Least favorite?

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