Photo Challenge – 2018 Monthly Fun!

photo challengePhoto challenge is here! Each month I will be posting a new prompt in my Facebook group first and will later post to the blog. The challenge is open for everyone to participate. It’s a great way to practice taking photos and getting in the habit of documenting your life. You can’t have a professional photographer following you around 24/7 so why not work on capturing a little bit of your own life?

Join the Document Living facebook group to get in on the photo challenge and have fun interacting with others in the group!

The reason for the group being the center of the challenge is because I want everyone to participate and share their memories with others. We can all chat and get to know each other. And if you’re stuck on the monthly prompt? You can be inspired by others in the group. There is no right or wrong, just your interpretation of the prompt. And you can explain your photo and share your point of view with others.

I want to have a community that grows together. 

January’s prompt is going to be a little different. I don’t want you to take a picture… I want you to find a picture! Show me the oldest photo you have of yourself! My baby albums are still with my parents but I have a few older photos I am going to share. You will have to join the group to see all of them! I am sharing more than one but you only need to find one and tell us about it/you.

My photo was taken on a sandbar. I grew up on the Mississippi River and have always felt a strong pull to water and the beach. I think spending time as a child on the water and at beaches might have had some influence on that. I am definitely a water baby! As much as I love Phoenix, I miss being around by water. I took it for granted being surrounded by rivers in my hometown. When I could drive, my friends and I spent time at the park on the river. We would drive around, walkthrough, study, play and go to festivals there. It was just always part of my life!

The monthly photo challenge is a way to create memories, inspire creativity, and get you thinking about documenting your life!

PS I was a cute kid, huh?

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