Journal Your Way to Self Love

Journal your way to self-love this month.

February is home to Valentine’s day when most people celebrate the love of their significant other. This year challenge yourself to love yourself first. You are deserving and important so get yourself a journal and start learning to love you.

The first step is to get a journal. There are so many options nowadays. Between notebooks and apps, you have so many choices. You will have to decide if you want to be “old-fashioned” and use a notebook, all techie with an app, or a combination of the two. A journal is personal to you so you have to figure out what works best for you.


Once you have your journal come up with a plan or schedule of when you will write in it. Most people recommend writing first thing in the morning. It will help wake your brain up and if you wait to do it later you may never get around to it. If your mornings are busy, maybe you have an early alarm or kids, find another time that suits you. Lunch breaks could be a great time to take a moment for yourself. Or right before bed might be better for some people. If you write first or the last thing you can keep your notebook (or phone) by your bedside and do it while still in bed. 

So, now what? How do you start?

There is literally no way to journal wrong! That is one of the best things about it. You can write however or whatever you want. Some people prefer bullet points while others do a stream of consciousness. Other people prefer doodles or drawing their day/feelings. To start, maybe use a template like three things you are grateful for each day. Or one amazing thing you did or saw. If you are still stuck, try a prompt

You can use your journal to help figure out how you really feel. Maybe you had a disagreement with someone and you aren’t sure what you think. Write about it. Help yourself figure out your point of view. Use your writing to get a deeper view of your feelings. Besides how you feel, it can help you figure out who you are, not who you think you should be. Many of us go through life trying to live up to others expectations of who we are. Why not figure out who you really are? Were you really meant to be an accountant or do you want to be a rock star? You may never be the next big thing but maybe you can start rocking some karaoke joints. Something that will bring you joy.

Journaling allows you to process your feelings. You won’t keep your feelings bottled up or explode at a loved one. Instead, write it out. Getting all your emotions and feelings out on paper can help you feel better. You can reduce your stress level. Lastly, keeping a journal can help you get creative. It opens up your brain. You can start thinking outside the box and maybe get some new solutions to old problems. 

But why should I add something more to my already busy life?

Your health can improve with journaling. It reduces the impact on your physical health. Research seems to point to it helping your immune system while food and exercise journals can help you lose weight. It also helps reduce your stress and improve your mental health by getting all those feelings out. Also, writing can help your self-esteem if you keep an awesomeness journal. What’s an awesomeness journal you ask? It’s when you write down three great (or awesome things) you do or have done. Then when you need a boost you just look back, read those, and give yourself a little boost. So whenever you are feeling good or had an amazing accomplishment, write those down! Your future self will thank you when it needs a boost. 

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