Love February’s Photo Challenge

Show me what you love!

loveLove is the photo challenge for February. I want to see what you love! Now is your chance to really get creative. You have plenty of time to take a little bit to think about what you want to photograph. Do you want to stick to humans? Maybe you can photograph your kids playing or being goofy. Is ladies night out coming up? Get a photo of you and your friends enjoying margaritas! Pets would be more than acceptable. Everyone needs to see a cute fuzzball. 

Maybe you don’t want to share your friends or family. That’s ok too! There are so many things you can take photos of for this challenge. What hobbies do you absolutely adore? Reading? Painting? Cooking? All would make great images! Coffee addictions can also make great photos.  Do you love to work out? Show us a fitness related photo!

Once you have your photo (or photos – you aren’t limited to one) head on over to the Document Living group and post away! Not a member of the group? Join now. We don’t bite. I promise.

Now… go out and take some photos of what you love! 

And be sure take a selfie because self-love counts double!

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