Spring is (almost) here!

Spring weather has been abundant in Phoenix this month.

springSpring means the temperatures start to rise and you can head outdoors! It officially arrives March 20th but you can start dreaming and planning now. After a long, cold winter who doesn’t love being outside and soaking up as much sun as possible? And if it’s still too cold where you are at? Head out to spring training. There is nothing better than the sun, beer, and baseball. 

What springtime activities should you add to your bucket list?

Couples can have a day date by planning a picnic. Make, or buy, your favorite foods, grab a blanket and head to your favorite park. Why not take a frisbee or your furbaby (if allowed at the park) and make a day of it. On a Saturday morning, grab some coffee, your reusable bags and find a farmer’s market. Find all the items needed to make dinner that night. Take a hike. Chase a sunset. There are so many date nights (or days) you can do outside! For more ideas, follow my Pinterest board. I’m collecting all kinds of ideas over there. 

For a fun family spring, create a bucket list! Write down all the activities and places you want to do. Make sure to get the kids involved and see what they want to do. And I encourage you to write down all the ideas, even the crazy ones (like go to outer space) and see which ones you can accomplish. You can get creative by finding ways to do those crazy ones (outer space? Why not go to a planetarium or star gazing). To get some ideas, check out the Family Fun Pinterest board.

For the landscape lovers out there, you too can get excited about spring! Now is the time to plan those road trips to see amazing landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets. Not traveling this spring? Find a local hike or park you haven’t seen and go take photos. Find a photography bucket list for spring and challenge yourself to get every single one. Or take up a new art genre. The warmer temps and rain this time of year are great for the temporary art of sidewalk chalk. Create masterpieces that will only last a few days on your driveway. Try plein air painting, take your canvas outside and paint what you see. 

What’s on your to-do list for spring?

Bucket list items are perfect for documenting with photographs. Why not have me tag along on your springtime activities and record them for reminiscing. Let me help you create memories

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