Memory Keeping

Memory keeping has changed over the years.

memory keeping

Who remembers these things??

Memory keeping can be done a variety of ways from photo albums to journals to social media. Facebook even makes it easy to reminisce by showing you what you posted a year ago. I don’t always look through my Facebook memories but I do enjoy the feature. It’s fun to look back at what you posted last year and wonder what it was you meant by that post from 10 years ago. Facebook has changed over the years but your memories remain the same. 

One of my favorite memory keeping projects is photo albums. I remember going through my parent’s photo albums when I was a kid. I loved looking at their memories from before me as well as those that I was there for. I can still see the photo albums in my head and even some of the photos in the albums. I started my very first photo album in 8th grade. I’ve got several albums and boxes with all the negatives in them (that should give you an idea of my age, we used film). 

I am sad to say that I didn’t keep up with printing digital images and don’t have more recent photo albums. One of my long-term projects is to get all my digital photos printed and in albums. Or maybe make albums and have them printed. I haven’t quite decided yet. I have most of my point and shoot photos organized on my computer. It’s the phone photos I haven’t really done much with (besides post online). Organizing the phone photos is another project but one I want to do so I can make albums from vacation photos and other personal photos I want to be printed. I have to clean out the photos that I don’t want to print or keep. Obviously, this is a big project.

Why am I talking about photo albums and printing digital images?

I want everyone to print their memories! You can make it a fun family project, like let all the kids pick their favorite images from last year and make a collage for the wall. Or have a watch me grow album of your kids and/or pets. Looking at photos and reliving memories brings you joy. It can make you laugh or smile or cry. Not all memories bring happiness, like looking at photos of loved ones who have passed away, but you can honor them by remembering them and sharing memories with your family. 

I have always been a prolific picture taker (not all of them are good. In fact, most are pretty bad). But I’ve always had this desire to capture people, places, and moments. I want to tell stories through photos. I want to be able to look back in 20 or 30 or 40 years and laugh about that time we permed M’s hair. Or to be able to see my friends and family after they are gone. Or to remember all the time and energy I put into dance or running. It’s a way to remind you who you were and what you’ve become.

Photos allow you to look back and see people you’ve lost. To relive those happy moments together.

memory keepingThis is going to be a new blog series, all about memories and the past. I want to give you a peek into my past and show you how I got here and became the person I am. Luckily I was a weirdo who took too many photos and wrote on the back of them so I can remember who I was with, where I was, and the year.

The collage to the right is a few of my earliest photos from the album. It’s populated with dance photos because that was pretty much my life in the lates 90s. The large image is me as Two-Face. We took this dance to competition and performed it pretty much everywhere we could before. The top photo is at a dance workshop. There was a dinner and dance party afterward. This was obviously taken during YMCA. And look how fashionable I was. Pinstripe pants are still a favorite. The middle is my 15th birthday party. We had a sleepover in my friend’s camper. And again, notice my fashionable jean vest, glasses, and braces. Fashion icon right there. And the bottom image is yet another dance performance. This time it was at Riverfest and I designed the t-shirts we are wearing. This was 1997 and we did the Batman dance plus this one which was to Rainbow Connection. Hence the gauzy fabric we are holding. (I have placed stickers over the faces of people in case they don’t want photos of themselves all over the internet.)

Because we all know memories fade but photographs last forever.

What is one of your favorite photos to look back on and think of the memories attached to it? How do you handle your memory keeping?

For more old photos of me and my life, be sure to head over to my About page! I have some really old ones there!

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