Practice Self-Love

Self-love is something many people struggle with.

But what is self-love? It can be defined as appreciation for yourself that grows from actions that support your physical, psychological and spiritual growth. So, the more you take care of yourself the more you love yourself. 

It involves accepting both your strength and weaknesses. You need to know where you shine and what you need to work on. You may never become amazing at your weakness but taking some time to identify them and work on them is helpful in feeling some love towards yourself. 

Be selfish. Far too often we think that helping ourselves is being selfish and we should only do things for our significant others or kids. But if you don’t take care of you, you aren’t really helping them. You aren’t selfish if you take time for you and really start to love yourself. In fact, if you take care and practice self-love you can better take care of others. Embrace your alone time.

Have compassion. Be kind to yourself and learn how to forgive yourself. No one is perfect. 

Start positively each day. Keep a journal and write down three things you are grateful for. Practice mindfulness and being present. You can practice meditation or just work at staying present especially when you take time for yourself. Live intentionally in all you do.

Physical activity can help you feel more confident and happy. Working out can help make you happier and increase your self-love. Sweat out the negative energy. Also, diet can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. Once you start eating healthier, it becomes a habit. And you want to eat better more often. Practice moderation. No one is saying never eat chocolate again (because we all know some days we need it) but eat healthy most of the time. 

Find your tribe. 

Surround yourself with people you enjoy and want to spend time with. Find people you can trust and that make you laugh. They say you become like the five closest people you surround yourself with. So find people who are what you want to be. Cut out those that bring you down or are mean/rude. 

For some easy ideas to show yourself some love, check out this list from HuffPost. 

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