Summer session – Swim Lessons

Summer means swim lessons!

Do you remember those long summer days spent by the pool? You and your friends would race over on your bikes and dive in as quickly as possible. You’d splash and play until afternoon closing time, only to beg your parents to take you back after dinner. Nothing screams summer quite like the public swimming pool. The warm sun and icy water is the perfect combination, like PB & J or eggs and bacon.

How many photos do you have of you at the pool as a kid? Of you and your friends having fun or learning how to swim? Wouldn’t it be a blast to pull out those photos, feel the sun on your skin, and smell the chlorine again? To share those with your children and entertain them with the story of when mom learned to dive by being tossed in the pool?

summerGive your kids the gift of memories through a summer swim lesson photo session! Splashing around and playing in the water is fun for them and makes for great images. Some of my most popular and favorite images are my swim lesson and water playground ones. They truly capture the spirit of summer. 

A time when you had fun and only thought of the present moment.

At some point we grow out of living in that present moment, it comes as we pile on the responsibilities. This year, I challenge you to get outdoors, take your kids to the pool and just be present. Think about those summers of your childhood, hop in the pool, and splash around. Your kids will love it. You’ll relax and let go of the stress of the work week. Take a day off from responsibilities and just play. The house cleaning can wait. 

Book now for your pool fun sessions before the sunsets on the summer of 2018. Because no summer is ever the same as the last. 

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