Memory Keeping: Summer

Apparently, I am in a summer memory mood.

memoryIsn’t it weird how your memory can be triggered by a photo? One that may not even have anything to do with the memory? Or doesn’t appear that the two have anything to do with each other? I was paging through my awesome 90’s photo album (you saw it in the very first edition of the series) and was looking at images from summer. 

I finally decided on a summer, many moons ago. I looked at this photo, and the ones around it, and I was reminded instantly of that summer. The summer of 69. Just kidding, it’s the summer of 96. It just doesn’t sound as cool as the song.

So if you’ve been trying to figure out how old I am, I am going to pretty much hand it to you.

The summer of 1996 is the year I turned 16.

I can vividly remember riding my bike to drivers ed at the community college. I remember my driving teacher being pretty old (and not like, I’m 16 so everyone seems old, I mean old). There were two of us to each car. I didn’t know the girl I was with, she went to the other public high school. Neither of us really talked to each other. I don’t know if that’s because we were both shy or nerves of driving. 

One day he had me drive to the mall. At first, it didn’t seem that odd. To get there we had to drive on the highway, I just assumed it was more practice. Then he had me actually turn into the mall and find a parking spot on a particular side of the mall. Ok… more parking practice? Then he told us to switch spots, we did, and then he instructed us to stay there. He went inside the mall. I thought maybe he needed to use the bathroom but he was in there quite a while. Did I mention this was summertime? We had the windows down but it was still pretty warm in the car. We both just sat there. We kind of looked at each other but neither of us said a thing or got out of the car. 

Eventually, he came back, didn’t say a word, and had the other girl drive us back to campus. It was a very bizarre moment and never happened again. To this day, I have no idea exactly what he did but my theory is he had lunch. Our driving sessions were in the afternoon and I’m thinking he didn’t eat that day.

No idea, just a bizarre moment in life. One I will never forget.

Now, a bit about the photo. It’s me and the person who was my BFF at the time. I’m showing off my true geekiness while wearing my Batman Forever t-shirt. It was taken toward the end of the summer, around my birthday. At the time, we lived next door to a family whose youngest son had the same birthday as me and those are the pictures immediately proceeding this one. (I was very obsessive about keeping this in chronological order. I still like things that way, which is why I dislike the Facebook and Instagram timelines. LOL)

What is one memory from when you turned 16?

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