Pampering Mom on Mother’s Day

Pampering Mom on Mother’s Day

pampering momPampering mom can have many different meanings. Every mom is different and has different ways to feel pampered. Think about what your mom likes and find ways to treat her and help her relax. What would your mom want to indulge in that she normally doesn’t? Help reduce her stress and get her something this Mother’s Day to spoil her!

Pampering: Experiences

  • Breakfast in bed. Order her favorite breakfast foods from one of her favorite restaurants and bring it to her in bed. 
  • A luxury bath. Clean the tub and present her with bath bombs, candles, and whatever else she loves in the bath. Maybe a tablet with her favorite Netflix show queued up.
  • Alone time. Sometimes moms just need time away. Or maybe for you and the kids to go away. Maybe she wants an hour at a coffee shop with a good book (buy her a book and fill her preferred listening device with good reading music). Or would she rather relax on the couch with her favorite movie or tv show? If so, take the kids to the park or the movies. 
  • Do her household tasks (and yours) for the week. Let her have the weekend off from chores to do as she pleases. Just make sure someone else does them so she doesn’t have more to do later. 
  • Host a brunch for Mom with all her favorites. Share your favorite mom stories and make toasts to mom. I bet you can get some laughter and tears. 
  • Write her a letter. Tell her how much you’ve appreciated her or tell her how she has impacted your life. 

Pampering: Giftspampering mom

  • Is there a skin care product that mom always looks at but never buys for herself because it’s “too expensive”? Surprise her with it!
  • Or create a spa basket filled with all kinds of goodies like face masks and bath oil.
  • Luxiourous PJs and slippers to wear around the house.
  • Yummy chocolates! And not the kind you can get at Target. Think See’s or other local candy stores.
  • Wine (or her favorite drink of choice). Maybe make a gift basket with drink, chocolates and her favorite classic movie on DVD?
  • Gift certificate for a pedicure, massage or facial so she can pick her favorite service (and date). Or take her to the spa and treat her to whatever she wants.
  • A weekend getaway to a place mom has always wanted to go.
  • Her favorite makeup or skincare products.
  • Subscription service. There seems to be one for everyone now!
  • Make a photo album with old and new photos of mom, her parents, kids, grandkids etc

Obviously, there are so many other ways to be pampering mom. You know her best so find something you know she will love! If you’re stumped, maybe one of the above items will jog an idea. Or consult your siblings or dad and see what they think. If you are still stuck, make a list of things you know your mom loves. Sports? Art? TV? And go from there. You will come up with something amazing!

What are some ideas for pampering your mom?

You can always give mom the gift of art either at my shop or a gift card if you aren’t sure which piece she’d like best.

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