But I want posed shots!

But I want posed shots!

posed shotsI get it, most people want posed shots. Documentary photography is kind of a new area for families and it can be hard to not get those more traditional family shots. I love the emotions and moments that documentary sessions offer. I think once most people have a documentary style session, they get it. But it can be a hard sell when most people are used to going to the park in matching outfits, sitting on the ground, and smiling for the camera.

Posed shots aren’t a bad thing… they just aren’t my thing.

Each documentary session I have gives couples or families the chance to have some of those types of shots. Although I still keep them somewhat candid to match the documentary style. I don’t tell you how to pose. I don’t tell you to look at the camera. I most certainly don’t tell you to say cheese. But I do talk to you. And I might give you some prompts or things to do or say to get a more natural reaction from you. 

So, how does a session work?

posed shotsEvery one of my sessions starts with about 15 minutes of posed group shots. A couple sessions would be the two together while a family session would include everyone. This gives you a chance at the posed shots and to get comfortable around me and the camera. There’s usually some chit chat, some laughter, and some great images. Once those 15 minutes are up we move on to whatever activity or activities you have chosen for the day. We reserve approximately 15 minutes at the end for individual shots. Every family member gets a few minutes alone with me. The idea is to bring out each family member’s personality. With family sessions, mom and dad can also get a few minutes to cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears. Because that makes for great couple photos! 

The same is done for events. Although we may switch up the order of things, depending on the timeline of events. The lovely family shots you see in this post were done in between activities because of how the day/event was structured. If you are having an event, we will go over your timeline ahead of time and figure out the best place for the posed shots. 

I do the same for small businesses, group employee shots, activity shots, and finally headshots or individual employee shots. If the group and individual shots need to be done before or after the workday, we can discuss and arrange for that. The sandwich of portraits, activity, portraits works best but I understand having to fit them in with your business needs!

Interested in a Document Living session, with posed shots? Contact me today.

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