Pictures can tell your story.

I want to tell yours through photography but before I do, let me show you mine.

My first prom

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I was pretty anti-fashion in high school. I wore cargo pants and over sized t-shirts (with tigers on them) and chucks or vans. Maybe docs. The few times I went all fashionable were school dances. Normally I hated dresses except for homecomings and proms. I bought homecoming dresses from Delia*s (anyone remember them?) to be different. And I got this prom dress in Arizona because I wanted to have a dress no one else would have. And the gloves? Had. To. Have. Them.

As you can see, I have always been pulled into creative endeavors. These are just a few of the photos I have to tell my story. I love pulling out my albums and flipping through. It always makes me smile to look back and be reminded of the fun times. 

What are your favorite photos to look back at?

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