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Landscape lover and memory maker. Addicted to coffee, books, and running. Gluten free for life (celiac disease). Vodka connoisseur. Can often be found having dance parties to 90s music. Based in Phoenix, Arizona but always want to move to where I most recently visited.

Buying Art: What Should You Pick?

Buying Art: What Should You Pick? When buying art people often ask what should I get? What do you sell the most of? And other similar questions. I often hesitate to answer these type of […]


Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts

Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts What better way to celebrate mom than a little Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts time? And I mean a time when mom isn’t around and doesn’t have to clean it up, […]


But I want posed shots!

But I want posed shots! I get it, most people want posed shots. Documentary photography is kind of a new area for families and it can be hard to not get those more traditional family […]


Pampering Mom on Mother’s Day

Pampering Mom on Mother’s Day Pampering mom can have many different meanings. Every mom is different and has different ways to feel pampered. Think about what your mom likes and find ways to treat her […]


Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills Back in January of 2017, we took a magical trip to the Hollywood Hills.  I say magical because we went to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios. There will be a blog post […]


World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day April 25th is World Penguin Day. I have been a fan of penguins for as long as I can remember. There is just something about those cute birds that just pull you […]


Earth and Arbor Day

Earth and Arbor Day April is quite the month for those of us dedicated to helping the Earth. Both Earth Day and Arbor Day are celebrated this month. It’s like Christmas for hippies! Earth Day, April […]


Memory Keeping: Goofy

Memory Keeping: Goofy Goofy. That’s a pretty good word to describe me. I bet most people have known me, presently and from my past, would agree that I can be pretty darn goofy. I may […]


Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is held each year on Patriot’s Day. I’m sure you’re wondering why I am writing about the Boston Marathon on a photography blog. Running is one of my other greatest passions besides photography and […]


Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are a big deal when you’re a kid.  One of my favorite birthday cakes was the Barbie my mom made me one year. Do you remember those? They were pretty popular in the […]