Photo Challenge – 2018 Monthly Fun!

Photo challenge is here! Each month I will be posting a new prompt in my Facebook group first and will later post to the blog. The challenge is open for everyone to participate. It’s a […]

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SMART Goals – Better than resolutions

SMART goals are far superior to those generic resolutions everyone sets each new year. Why not try something different this year and skip the resolutions? Resolutions tend to be vague and therefore lack follow through. […]

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Newsletters: Where it’s at!

Newsletters are the new black. You know how you log into your favorite social media site and start mindlessly scrolling and you see the same posts over and over again? And you never see posts […]

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Documentary Session – Phoenix, AZ

Documentary sessions rock. I did my first documentary session early in 2017 and knew in my heart and soul this was the kind of sessions I needed to offer. Documentary sessions are still fairly new […]

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Tell Your Story – Book a 2018 Session!

In 2018 I’m giving you a new way to tell your story. Tell your story through a documentary session with J Volden Photography. Document Living is a way for you to capture your life, as […]

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Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative in a google search.  Plenty of other dictionaries define it slightly differently but I really like […]

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Christmas Fun

Christmas has a ton of fun things to do. What is your favorite thing to do during the holiday season? Do you decorate the outside or your house and aim to have the best display […]

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Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are a big part of this month. November is the start of the holiday season, which continues into January. No matter what holidays you celebrate, your family is sure to have some kind […]

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How does landscape photography come to life?

Landscape photography – how does one decide what to create?  Have you ever wondered how the mind of an artist works? Why did they decide on that subject and those colors? How about a little […]

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Gratitude is generally defined as being thankful. And a lot of people express their gratitude this time of year. But should we be expressing appreciation throughout the year?  Why should we be thankful? Gratitude is […]

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