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Spring is (almost) here!

Spring weather has been abundant in Phoenix this month. Spring means the temperatures start to rise and you can head outdoors! It officially arrives March 20th but you can start dreaming and planning now. After a […]


Landscape Photography – What to Buy

Landscape photography wall art can be an endless black hole. How do you decide what to buy for your home or office? So you’ve thought about where you want the art, your budget, and color/style […]


How does landscape photography come to life?

Landscape photography – how does one decide what to create?  Have you ever wondered how the mind of an artist works? Why did they decide on that subject and those colors? How about a little […]


Recycling – The Top Five Tips

Recycling is probably the most popular R in the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra.  Everyone probably knows recycling is important and all the tips that go along with it but it’s still an important topic. Maybe […]


Six Tips to Hang Wall Art

Hanging wall art can be frustrating. You end up putting too many holes in the wall and when it’s all done you step back and…. CROOKED. Ugh. It’s frustrating but there are tons of resources […]


My Purpose – Landscape Photography

Why do I do landscape photography? I don’t think many people who meet me in everyday situations would necessarily go, “Oh yah, Jenna, she is totally the outdoorsy type!” I am kind of a book […]


World Elephant Day

Elephant: a symbol of wisdom and strength. August 12th is World Elephant Day. Their numbers are dropping and are in danger of becoming extinct.  The biggest threat is poachers, after their tusks, meat, and other […]


International Tiger Day

July 29th is International Tiger Day. Ever since I can remember I have loved tigers, especially white ones. I have always thought they were beautiful animals. I remember being worried about the future of tigers […]


So you want to buy some art…

But aren’t sure what exactly you should buy. First off, don’t make this too hard. Buying art is about what you need and want but most importantly, what you love. If you buy art, make […]


Why buy and collect art?

What is a collector? Does a collector need to consider themselves an art supporter or be in it just for the possible investment? Or is it simpler than that? Is it just a person who […]