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Pampering Mom on Mother’s Day

Pampering Mom on Mother’s Day Pampering mom can have many different meanings. Every mom is different and has different ways to feel pampered. Think about what your mom likes and find ways to treat her […]


Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills Back in January of 2017, we took a magical trip to the Hollywood Hills.  I say magical because we went to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios. There will be a blog post […]


Memory Keeping: Goofy

Memory Keeping: Goofy Goofy. That’s a pretty good word to describe me. I bet most people have known me, presently and from my past, would agree that I can be pretty darn goofy. I may […]


Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is held each year on Patriot’s Day. I’m sure you’re wondering why I am writing about the Boston Marathon on a photography blog. Running is one of my other greatest passions besides photography and […]


Norwegian and German Heritage

Norwegian and German Heritage I mentioned how difficult my Irish ancestors have been to trace, well… so have my German ones. I have been able to trace them back to Germany, technically Prussia at that […]


Irish Ancestry

March is the perfect time to celebrate your Irish heritage! My great great great grandfather on my dad’s side was Irish. From my research, I believe he came from Roscommon, Ireland. My Irish ancestry has been […]


Memory Keeping: Summer

Apparently, I am in a summer memory mood. Isn’t it weird how your memory can be triggered by a photo? One that may not even have anything to do with the memory? Or doesn’t appear […]


Ancestry Research Is Addicting

Ancestry Research Is Addicting! Have you ever wondered about your ancestry? Where did your family come from? I never really wondered until my 9th grade honors history class. I always had a vague idea of […]


Self-Confidence is something we all deserve

Self-confidence is your belief in you.  Self-confidence is something you need to work and build on through your behavior, body language, and speech. You don’t just have it, you learn it throughout life. There are […]


Memory Keeping

Memory keeping has changed over the years. Memory keeping can be done a variety of ways from photo albums to journals to social media. Facebook even makes it easy to reminisce by showing you what […]