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Irish Ancestry

March is the perfect time to celebrate your Irish heritage! My great great great grandfather on my dad’s side was Irish. From my research, I believe he came from Roscommon, Ireland. My Irish ancestry has been […]


Memory Keeping: Summer

Apparently, I am in a summer memory mood. Isn’t it weird how your memory can be triggered by a photo? One that may not even have anything to do with the memory? Or doesn’t appear […]


Ancestry Research Is Addicting

Ancestry Research Is Addicting! Have you ever wondered about your ancestry? Where did your family come from? I never really wondered until my 9th grade honors history class. I always had a vague idea of […]


Self-Confidence is something we all deserve

Self-confidence is your belief in you.  Self-confidence is something you need to work and build on through your behavior, body language, and speech. You don’t just have it, you learn it throughout life. There are […]


Memory Keeping

Memory keeping has changed over the years. Memory keeping can be done a variety of ways from photo albums to journals to social media. Facebook even makes it easy to reminisce by showing you what […]


Goals – 2018 Personal Goals

Earlier this month you learned about SMART goals and I want to share my personal goals with you so you can see how SMART goals work! If you have not gotten your SMART goals guide, […]


Photo Challenge – 2018 Monthly Fun!

Photo challenge is here! Each month I will be posting a new prompt in my Facebook group first and will later post to the blog. The challenge is open for everyone to participate. It’s a […]


SMART Goals – Better than resolutions

SMART goals are far superior to those generic resolutions everyone sets each new year. Why not try something different this year and skip the resolutions? Resolutions tend to be vague and therefore lack follow through. […]



Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative in a google search.  Plenty of other dictionaries define it slightly differently but I really like […]


Christmas Fun

Christmas has a ton of fun things to do. What is your favorite thing to do during the holiday season? Do you decorate the outside or your house and aim to have the best display […]