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March Photo Challenge: Green

March’s Photo Challenge is… GREEN! In honor of the spring equinox and St. Patrick’s Day, March’s challenge theme is green! Remember, this is all about your interpretation of the theme. Does that mean the color […]


Why are my photos blurry?

Why are my photos blurry? Your photos aren’t blurry, the background is intentionally blurred and it’s called bokeh. A lot of professional portrait photographers love bokeh because it allows your focus to be on the […]


Spring is (almost) here!

Spring weather has been abundant in Phoenix this month. Spring means the temperatures start to rise and you can head outdoors! It officially arrives March 20th but you can start dreaming and planning now. After a […]


Love February’s Photo Challenge

Show me what you love! Love is the photo challenge for February. I want to see what you love! Now is your chance to really get creative. You have plenty of time to take a […]


Journal Your Way to Self Love

Journal your way to self-love this month. February is home to Valentine’s day when most people celebrate the love of their significant other. This year challenge yourself to love yourself first. You are deserving and important […]


Landscape Photography – What to Buy

Landscape photography wall art can be an endless black hole. How do you decide what to buy for your home or office? So you’ve thought about where you want the art, your budget, and color/style […]


Photo Challenge – 2018 Monthly Fun!

Photo challenge is here! Each month I will be posting a new prompt in my Facebook group first and will later post to the blog. The challenge is open for everyone to participate. It’s a […]


Newsletters: Where it’s at!

Newsletters are the new black. You know how you log into your favorite social media site and start mindlessly scrolling and you see the same posts over and over again? And you never see posts […]



Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative in a google search.  Plenty of other dictionaries define it slightly differently but I really like […]


My Purpose – Landscape Photography

Why do I do landscape photography? I don’t think many people who meet me in everyday situations would necessarily go, “Oh yah, Jenna, she is totally the outdoorsy type!” I am kind of a book […]