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Kilauea Lighthouse

Kilauea Lighthouse The Kilauea Lighthouse is located on the beautiful island of Kauai. It is also a national wildlife refuge for many seabirds, including  ‘Ā, Mōlī, ‘Ua ‘u kani, and the nēnē, the official state bird. The lighthouse […]


Big Island’s Black Sand Beach

Big Island’s black sand beach is a sight to behold. Big Island’s black sand beach is called Punalu’u and is located between Pāhala and Nāʻālehu (Kona and Hilo). In Hawaiian, Punalu’u translate to spring dive for because […]


Travel in 2017

Travel is probably my favorite thing in the world besides photography. The big trip this year will be back to the big island of Hawaii. What is most exciting for me is we will be […]


Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

I have a travel bug. No matter what I do, I can’t scratch the itch.   I basically want to travel the world but where and what do I want to do most? In no particular […]


Haleakala: House of the sun

Haleakala, the volcano that forms most of Maui, means house of the sun. If Maui is one of my favorite places on Earth, Haleakala is my favorite place on Maui. I have been to Maui twice […]


Maui the most magical place on Earth

Maui just might be my favorite place. In the world. From the moment we arrived I knew Maui would become my favorite Hawaiian island. This fact was confirmed when we arrived at the hotel, the […]



Oahu has a lot to offer. Oahu was our first stop on our very first trip to Hawaii. Although it is my least favorite of the Hawaiian islands I definitely think it is worth visiting. […]


Disney Vacation

Disney was our very first trip together. We decided a quick trip to Disneyland would be the perfect first trip. I had never been to Disneyland, just Disneyworld. It had been years for Justin. It […]


USS Missouri

Have you ever been inside a battleship? USS Missouri was my first time in one and it was quite the experience! It was basically a floating mini-city. Although, I am not sure I could ever […]


Maui Sunrise

There is magic in every sunrise. A Maui sunrise is just more magical than the rest. This photo was taken from our balcony at the Sheraton on Maui. I woke up to the sounds and […]