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Springtime always makes me think of renewal. The weather starts getting warmer. Trees and plants start to become green again, and flowers begin to bloom. Allergies get worse. I believe in self-renewal, and what better […]

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Get in photos, mom!

May 14th is the day we set aside to honor mom. We like to give them at least one day off during the year from all they do for us. We make them breakfast, sometimes […]

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But why do I need a documentary portrait session?

Life changes constantly. You may not notice the little nuances on a daily basis but they are there. Tomorrow something will be different from today and yesterday. You, your significant other, your kids will never […]

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Small Business Documentary Sessions

Why does my small business need a documentary session? “I’ve got product photos on my website, what more do I need?” Does this sound like you or someone you know with a small business? Most […]

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Why portraits?

Why portraits? Adding a portrait side to my business is a labor of love and anxiety. It has taken me a while to get here because, even though I know in my head and heart […]

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Travel in 2017

Travel is probably my favorite thing in the world besides photography. The big trip this year will be back to the big island of Hawaii. What is most exciting for me is we will be […]

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New in 2017: Portraits

Portraits are coming! Portraits are coming! This year I am planning to add portraits to my mix of offerings. I don’t have a timeline for this yet, as I need to build up a good […]

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Buying Art: A How-To Guide

So you are ready to start buying art. Maybe you’ve recently graduated from college and started your first real job or you have just bought your first house. Whatever your reason, you want to make […]

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Small Business Spotlight: Desert Belle Arabians

I love shopping and eating at a small business, even while traveling. It can be a challenge for several reasons. One, it is usually more expensive and two, I have celiac disease and can’t just […]

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Nesting or Creating a Home

Nesting is usually associated with pregnant women. But what if you feel the urge to nest and you aren’t pregnant? I tried to google nesting but everything seemed to revolve around being pregnant and creating […]

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