Document Living

Save your memories with documentary-style portraits.

I want to capture you in the moment, as you are. Your true beauty, strength, and confidence will shine. You will receive products that are more keepsakes than just a digital image you post on Facebook and later forget about. You won’t just get a CD. You will get wall art, a beautiful album to remember you at this moment.

Portrait by JVP provides documentary-style portrait work with an emphasis on women. I believe all women are beautiful and want to show you through simple, lifestyle portrait work. I want to document your family doing what you love best as a couple. Making a big Sunday breakfast? I want to photograph it (as long as you give me some bacon to munch on). Do you have a game night? Annihilate each other in Monopoly or Sorry? Let me be there so you can remember the moments before kids.

I don’t want to just take you to a park and put you in stiff poses in front of a pretty tree for portraits.

I want real. I want life.

Life is messy but there can be beauty in the mess. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get those moments on film (or memory card) now.

You want to lose 30 pounds? You want your house to be perfect? You do not need to lose 30 pounds. You look amazing now. Your house doesn’t have to be perfect. I know my house isn’t. Stop waiting and get your portrait done now. You can do it again when you lose those 30 pounds. Or when your kids move out and you can finally keep your house clean (LOL).

I look forward to helping you figure out what your portrait needs are.

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    Are you an art lover and looking for photographs for your walls? J Volden Photography has a lot for you to choose from. Find your favorite today. Shop now.

    Memory Maker

    Need a photographer to document your family or business? J Volden Photography loves to capture memories, personalities and moments. Interested in a documentary session? Start here.


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